About Us


Thank you for your interest in our nursery and visiting our website. We hope it will give you a taste of what we have to offer you and your children.

However we would openly encourage any parent or carer to visit our nursery as we feel it is staff and children that make a really good nursery. We look forward to meeting you and your child.

If there is anything further that you wish to know or to discuss then please call or drop in to the nursery.

The Parade Day Nursery is registered with Northamptonshire County Council to provide full day care for children aged 3 months to 5 years. Our nursery has 60 places and is approved and accredited by OFSTED.

As members of the National Day Nurseries Association, we have access to the latest best practice so that we can provide the best quality childcare and early learning for our children.

The Parade Day Nursery has been designed to be a homely, friendly and happy nursery. We pride ourselves on our reputation of offering excellent childcare. But don’t just take our word for it pay us a visit! We look forward to seeing you.

Amy Caple - Manager

The 3 Prime area’s that we promote learning and development are Personal, Social & Emotional Development, Communication & Language, Physical Development, in 4 specific areas—Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding of the World, Expressive arts & Design.

Literacy - Children have access to books, role play, computers and materials to enable their literacy skills throughout the day. Children read stories as individuals and share as a group. When children show interest we encourage them to develop early literacy skills.

Mathematics - Children have access to sand, construction and water play, which helps them learn important mathematical concepts about shape and space, measure, problem solving, numbers and sorting, in a very relaxed and fun way. We sing number songs, number recognition, and talk about numbers.

Understanding of the World - We use a number of activities for learning, such as going to our local park to observe the environment, talking about ourselves and families observing the animals around us, similarities, differences and change.

We celebrate variouis Festivals throughout the year and encourage children to show respect and understanding of poeople from other cultures and different beliefs.

Expressive Arts and Design - The children have daily access to craft materials as well as art activities, whether it is a free a expression painting /drawing session, music and movement, dance or helping to put together any parts to make up a wall display, giving opportunities to use skills such as cutting, joining, folding, building and technology. Children also participate in Role Play experiences to draw out their imagination.

Physical Development - The Parade recognises the importance of physical play both indoor and outdoor. We have a range of equipment for both indoor and outdoor experiences, including construction, slides, tunnels, balls, tyres and threading just to name a few.

Personal and Social Development - The Parade encourage children to develop their self esteem and build up confidence by creating an environment where children feel safe and secure. Children are encouraged to become independent, make choices and develop their social skills.

Communication and Language - Children begin to devlope their communication skills from birth and here at The Parade Nursery we ensure children are supported and given the correct tools to become effective communicators.

children playing

Parade Day Nursery is open:

Monday to Friday from 7:30am until 6:00pm

We are open for 51 weeks of the year only closing on Bank Holidays.