Management and Staff


The Parade Day Nursery is well managed and the managers/owners have a clear strategic direction for the setting. There is a clearly defined management structure, which ensures that the staff are well supported and this support is clearly appreciated by all staff. The proprietors play active roles in the management of the nursery and through questions and observation it is clear that their commitment to providing a quality of care for the children and families is paramount.

There are regular meeting where managers evaluate the service they are providing and monitor if they are meeting the needs of the children and their families, action plans are produced to ensure decisions are carried through. The nursery has clear and concise development plan which is reviewed and updated regularly. Future improvements and developments, are discussed within the management team, these objectives are discussed of was how to implement, motivate staff and monitored progress. The management approach to staff is fair and while giving constructive criticism, which enables staff to develop their practices in a positive and encouraging environment.

Staff are encouraged to reflect positive aspects of their practices and when identifying weaknesses action plans for training etc are put in place. The managers encourage staff to take ownership of the setting and staff are active involved in discussions around improvements etc. Staff are informed of various statutory obligations at induction and are also continuously updated on changed etc in legislation through either team meetings or by circulating the information, policies and procedures are reviewed regularly. All staff have received a full induction, which included all the nurseries policies and procedures. The manager attends regular meetings with other providers, develops links with the wider community. The occupancy and staffing of the nursery is well managed, ensuring that ratios are met at all times.

The nursery is committed to the continuous improvement of the service they provide and how they strive to achieve quality in all they do. There is a clear leadership within the nursery and all staff area aware of the diverse roles of each leader.


The nursery carries out their recruitment and selection process to a high standard, ensuring that open advert is used, job specification etc are all part of the procedure. In addition to the formal interview they also have practical exercise, which gives them an insight to the suitability of the candidates in a practical setting. Evidence of qualification, references. DBS checks and health and suitability checks were carried out.

All staff had signed contract and staff were aware of the terms and conditions of these. They had an induction procedure that ensured all new staff had a full awareness of the nurseries policies and procedures. The nursery has clear staffing policies, all staff are fully aware of.

All have signed copies in their personnel files. All the staff had a well-documented portfolio, which contained all relevant information, contracts of employment, application forms, references etc. Copies of regular, up to date appraisals/supervisions were held on all staff.

Staff had an understanding of the grievance and disciplinary procedure. Detailed training plans were held for all staff and staff felt that they had ample opportunity and were actively encouraged to attend various training courses. Training was based on the individual developmental needs of the staff.

At least 75% of the staff were qualified to level 3. All the staff team are encouraged to contribute their ideas and implement their ideas into the nursery. The team do socialise out of working hours and enjoy a variety of events as a team.

"children…..make positive strides in their learning and development since the staff provide individual support
which is tailored to each child’s unique abilities and stage of development"

- OFSTED March 2011